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  Jiangsu Kaiteer Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial production service enterprisethat integrates design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and energy saving technology services based onthe original Jiangsu Kaiteer Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd. Main products are: full hydrogen bell-type furnace, XQLseries new-type strong cycle bright annealing furnace, continuous bright annealing furnace, protective atmosphere generating device and atmospheric pressure container equipment. The self-developed purehydrogen-protected el-type furnace has the advantages of new structure, uniform furnace temperature, highthermal efficiency, low energy consumption and high automation, Products are widely used in cold rolled strip,sheet, non-ferrous metal sheet, strip, alloy material, steel wire, copper wire, fasteners, clock materials, toolmachinery and other industries annealing treatment, while also providing material spheroidizing annealing,colored Metal low temperature heat treatment equipment. The company has advanced cutting , welding, olling,cutting processing and other sophisticated general and special equipment more than 100 sets, with the productioncapacity of various types of industrial furnaces, and at the same time the system of energy-saving upgrades andservices Nitrogen hydrogen furnace full hydrogenation transformation service.
      The company has successively become Jiangsu Spark Program, Torch Program Project UndertakingEnterprise, Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise and National High-tech Enterprise. It has successively developed one"National Key New Product" and two "Provincial High-Tech Products", which have successively obtained TheScience and Technology Progress Award and the Research Project Award have won more than ten national technology patents. The organization has formulated Q/321282JLR01 "RB Series bell-type Resistance Furnace"and Q/321282JLR03 "High Efficiency Fully Hydrogen bell-type Furnace" standard, and was commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to draft YB/T4250 "Full Hydrogen Bell-type Annealing Furnace forMetallurgy" Industry Standard. The products were included in Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology.
Research Program and the National SME Technology Innovation Fund and the National Resource Conservationand Environmental Protection Alternative Project, and were supported by special funds. Has won the AAA-levelcredit unit, the national contract and trustworthy enterprise. It has research and development institutions such as"Jiangsu Industrial Annealing Furnace Engineering Technology Research Center", "Taizhou Enterprise TechnologyCenter", "Kaiteer Industrial Furnace Research Institute" and "Li Peigen Academician Workstation". Through thedevelopment in recent years, the company has become the governing unit of the Metallurgical Chamber ofCommerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the governing unit of the China Heat Treatment Society, the governing unit of the Industrial Furnace Branch of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association,and the member unit of the Industrial Furnace Committee of Jiangsu Province.
      At present, the company's products have occupied most of China's domestic markets, such as Wuhan lronand Steel, Shanghai Baosteel, Hebei lron and Steel, Tangshan Iron and Steel, Jinan Iron and Steel, and manydomestic private steel enterprises. The number of work bases has reached more than 1 ,300. And successfullyexported to Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.
      The quality assurance methods of the company's products are all implemented in accordance with therequirements of the ISO9001 quality system. The quality management system, production capacity, technicallevel, product quality, customer service, and basic management have all entered the forefront of the industry andpassed the "AAA" level enterprise evaluation. The large investment in science and technology has greatlypromoted the company's R&D and production capacity, and has always been in the leading position in theindustrial furnace manufacturing industry. It has been recognized and praised by users in the domestic cold-rolledsheet and non-ferrous metals industries.


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