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Function: Carrying the material roll to achieve strong convection circulating heat transfer to ensure uniform heating temperature of the product. Design features: All stainless heat resistant steel shell and diversion and diffusion system, filled with aluminum silicate insulation material, scientific design, wind conductivity, good insulation performance, continuous work without deformation, used for carrying workpiece, material coils, inner cap, outer cap, etc. Water-cooled furnace fan is installed inside. SKF bearing imported from Sweden is adopted for bearing and balancing test. Each motor is equipped with thermistor for overheating protection. The inlet, exhaust and cooling water interfaces are all on the seat, and two double thermocouples are installed on the work base, which are introduced by the seat for temperature monitoring of the charging chamber. Aproximity switch is mounted on the seat to detect whether the inner cap, heating cap and cooling cap are fastened. Two guide rods are used for accurate positioning of the work base and inner cap. The sealing surface of the work base is embedded with a silicone sealing ring that is resistant to temperature and corrosion. The inner cap and the work base are tightly clamped together by hydraulic locking, which ensures the reliability of the sealing of the work base and inner cap. Each cooling cap include: Semi-open work base seat with insulation material, including flanges, cooling tank and metal hoses, fittings, etc. Heat resistant stainless steel diversion difusion system Temperature measuring instrument and wire Three cap pedestal Hydraulic locking cylinder, among half with self-locking function Temperature resistant silicone rubber sealing ring Work base positioning column and three cap guide column Inlet and outlet piping Work base fan, with motor water cooling system and thermistor protection




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